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Paintings.By.Cammie is a black-owned e-commerce business that was founded on September 1st, 2020 by Cameron Jones. Cameron is known as a mixed-media contemporary artist and crafter. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. 


Before creating an established online business, Cameron would sell her paintings from her dorm room in college with just an Instagram account in 2019. The name "Cammie" is a nickname that friends and family gave her in high school. It had a nice ring to it, so she decided to make it a part of her business name and image.  

Cameron established Paintings.By.Cammie because she believes that she can express her creativity individually through painting and creating decor. Her inspiration comes from her faith in GOD and the nature around her. She expresses the visions given by God and paints them. She is also inspired by nature and abstract art.  Cameron has been a natural artisan since she was a little girl so she would paint and design little arts and crafts for hours out of pure joy. Her passion for painting started in a middle school art class in 2011. She loved to build and create items with her hands such as small wooden buildings and rollercoasters. She is a craftswoman. She was mesmerized by how art can be anything you want it to be. It does not have to follow a set of "rules". It is all from imagination! Since that day, she continues to create breath-taking artwork with that idea in mind. Cameron creates mainly faith-based, landscapes, abstract, and black culture representation artwork. However, she also receives custom commissions. 


She says "art is like freedom of expression. It’s a way to express emotions, inspiration, or communicate an idea. Artists can create anything; the only thing artists need are supporters who love creativity and a powerful message." All paintings in Cameron’s gallery show her feelings and inspiration to convey a message to the viewer. Cameron hopes to help people feel connected to the artwork. She is motivated to create paintings to help people ponder the deeper meaning and connection behind the artwork. 

Foundational Scriptures

Paintings.By.Cammie is founded on these two scriptures: 

Exodus 35:10 ESV

“Let every skillful craftsman among you come and make all that the Lord has commanded:"

Colossians 3:23 NKJV

"And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,"

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