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  • When will I know my package has arrived?
    Paintings.By.Cammie will send a text message and email to the customer for estimated arrival date.
  • What shipping provider does Paintings.By.Cammie use?
    Paintings.By.Cammie uses United States Post Office (USPS) to ship all products.
  • What payment options are available??
    - Credit/Debit - Paypal
  • How can I contact you to get a custom product?
    Go to Menu Tab and click "More" and then select "Book Online" Next Click "Custom Commissions Consultation" and fill out your information. Wait to receive a response within 24 hours.
  • How long does handling time usually take?
    If you want a custom design that is not in stock, the handling time will vary between a week or 2 months depending on the size of the product. For example, if you want a custom design on 24 in x 36 in canvas it will take longer to design and process versus a 5 in x 7 in, or 11 in x 14 in canvas.
  • What is the return and refund policy?
    The window to return any product is 7-10 after the arrival date after shipping. We have a secure way of packaging our products. If the product is damaged when shipped, you can return the product. We offer a money-back guarantee. All commission paintings will receive a 50% refund, due to the non-refundable deposit. Therefore, any other paintings/decor products created by Paintings.By.Cammie can receive a full refund. The refund will be issued through Wix Payments or Paypal and will take up to 5-10 days to receive. If you damage the product we cannot issue a refund to you because after shipping it is your responsibility.
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